Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find direct answers to our most popular frequently asked questions prior to booking in a repair with us.

Before asking the question you have and if it is not one of our FAQ’s then bear in mind, our rule of thumb, “If it is not mentioned or pictured as an example on our website and social media pages, the likelihood is that we do not provide a repair/service for your requirements”. If that still does not satisfy your need to know then please feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer your question.

We are based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. 30 miles north of London.

No. We do not provide a replacement service. All our repairs are carried out in-situ on the original surface where the damage has occurred.

No, we do not provide these services. You will need an approved company to carry out these works.

No, we cannot. We can repair scratches, etching, chemical burns, welding splatter etc. For more info, please visit our Glass services page.

The areas covered by our technicians are located at the bottom of our website pages and in the bios of our social media pages. If it’s not listed, we do not cover that area.

To obtain an accurate quote, please fill out and complete our enquiry form in full or contact us directly through our social media pages or call our office on 0333 577 1200. We would expect to get back to you with your quote within a minimum of 24hrs during office opening times.

All our repairs are permanent unless otherwise stated prior to the repair being carried out. A repairs longevity however is dependent on several factors such as, wear and tear, aftercare, location etc. Each repair is completed to the highest standard and is signed for and approved by you, the customer. Our technicians will advise you on how to maintain and prolong the repair as well as provide you with our aftercare leaflet on the do’s and don’ts.

We will never say it will be invisible, but it is our drive and focus to always try to achieve an invisible repair. You just have to look through our before and after’s of repairs we have carried out to understand that it is achievable. In some instances, dependent on location, lighting, the surface etc. an invisible repair is not possible. We will always advise on quotation whether an invisible repair can be achieved. Surface repairs in this industry are classed as ‘Cosmetic Repairs’ designed to take the eye away from the damaged area to make it less obvious. There are some finishes on surfaces that cannot be reproduced in-situ and this is where you are more than likely not going to be able to achieve the ‘invisible finish’. A customer must bear in mind that they will always know what area to look in for the repair. If you are none the wiser, then you will struggle to find it unless it’s pointed out to you.

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