Composite Door Repairs by Foreman Snags

Composite Door Repairs by Foreman Snags

Everything you need to know about composite door repairs and restoration.

Are your composite doors in need of repair? Are they weathered, scuffed, chipped, badly scratched?

All of this can be rectified, restoring your door to how it should look, nice and new. We can also colour change your door to any shade you desire and all without having to remove a thing or replace anything.

Composite doors are very popular in England and they are installed on almost all new build homes.

They’re regarded as an excellent improvement to wooden and uPVC doors, featuring a multipoint locking mechanism that is triggered by lifting the handle or closing them automatically, which throws out hooks, rollers, and bolts while simultaneously locking the multipoint.

Why Choose Composite Doors?

There are several benefits to utilising composite doors. For example, you may hand-pick the materials for your composite door to take advantage of its particular qualities.

Composite doors provide an inexpensive alternative without sacrificing security or elegance – helping to achieve the correct balance between quality and design style without breaking the budget.

Composite Door Repair #1 – Common Issues and Faults

The handle on the composite door is becoming increasingly difficult to lift and secure over time.

When composite doors are installed, they should be perfectly aligned but with usage or construction movement, the composite might slightly drop, causing the locking points on the composite door to misalign.

The internal locking mechanism will break or no matter how much you lift the handle of the composite door, it does not lock.

We can repair this misalignment and get your composite door operating correctly again since we are specialists in composite door repairs in London.

Composite Door Repair #2 – The key turns but the handle will not go down.

If your composite door has been difficult to lock and extra force is required to raise the composite door handle, additional pressure will be applied to the internal components of the composite doorknob multipoint locking system over time, causing them to break and fail.

The Foreman Snags team is skilled and trained in composite door repairs, and once the broken component has been removed, a replacement part will be fitted that is correctly working. If required, we’ll also realign the door so that the new parts installed last for many years to come.

The key turns and the handle goes down but the door will not open
This composite door repair will require the composite door opening and the damaged component or components to be removed and replaced with reliable working components.

Our London-based team of composite door repair specialists will open your door without damaging the door or its frame, and will also address any alignment concerns that may have caused the component or parts to fail and break.

Composite Door Repair #3 – Fading and weathering to the exterior

Your door is subjected to a great deal of abuse. Whether it’s rain, sunshine, or snow, your front door faces everything and sometimes it becomes obvious.

Weather has a corrosive influence, which over time may cause the colour of your composite door to fade.

There are various multi-surface plastic restorers available, attempting to repair fading and bring life back into your door.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as composite polish, so you may be inclined to get the experts on the job by giving Foreman Snags a call today.

Foreman Snags Can Repair And Restore Your Composite Door(s)

If you’re having an issue like the ones listed above, or if something else isn’t mentioned here, please contact our composite door repair team in London for free help and quotes on 0333 577 1200.

With over 10 years of experience in the surface repair and restoration business, we’ve seen every imaginable composite door fault and been able to provide a resolution for them all.

The Foreman Snags team is equipped to handle composite door repairs of every kind to help you get back into the swing of things.

Our specialists are standing by and are interested in helping you get your property back to normal.

Do you have a project we can help with?