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The Main Benefits Of Respraying Your Garage Door

In this article we explore the idea of why it’s better to respray your garage door and restore it, as opposed to replacing the whole thing.

It’s no secret that the garage door is one of the most important parts of your home. Not only does it protect your car from the elements, but it also adds to the curb appeal of your property.

While a new garage door can be a significant investment, there are plenty of reasons to respray your existing door.

Should I Replace Or Repair My Garage Door?

If you’re thinking of replacing your garage door, consider whether it’s more cost-effective to repair rather than replace it. If your garage door has broken down recently, it may simply just need a repair.

On the other hand, if it’s an older door and showing signs of wear and tear, respraying it may be a better option in the long run and far more cost effective.

Benefits Of Respraying Your Garage Door

There are several benefits to respraying your garage door rather than replacing it:

  1. It’s more cost effective – a new garage door can be a significant investment, whereas respraying is a much more affordable option.
  2. You can choose any colour you like – with a fresh coat of paint, you can choose any colour you want for your garage door. This is particularly useful if you’re looking to match the colour scheme of your home.
  3. It’s quick and easy – compared to replacing your garage door, respraying is a much quicker and easier process.
  4. It protects your door from the elements – by respraying your garage door, you’re effectively giving it a new lease of life and protecting it from further wear and tear.

We break these points down further below, showing you why it’s normally better to respray and restore your garage door instead of opt for a full replacement.

1. Respraying Your Garage Door Can Extend Its Lifespan

Based on the brand of their construction, many garage doors are constructed of wood or steel. Steel doors come in neutral tans such as white or beige and will seem glossy when they are painted.

You can pick a colour for your garage that complements your door or trim whether it’s made of wood or metal. The siding should also be the same colour to enhance aesthetics.

Furthermore, as time passes, every outside surface on your property will eventually require refinishing. Garage doors are no exception to this.

Steel garage doors must be repainted to protect the metal from exposure to rust. If your wood garage door is left open to the elements, it is susceptible to splitting, warping, and rotting. If you detect flaking peeling paint or the colour is fading on your garage door, then you’re most certainly in need of a refresher.

2. A Fresh Coat Of Paint Can Make Your Door Look Like New Again

No matter how well you take care of your garage door, over time it will start to show its age. A fresh coat of paint can make an old door look new again and give your home an instant facelift.

This is especially good for adding a new look and feel to your property or for restoring it to its former glory, particularly if you are putting your property on the market for sale.

3. Respraying Your Door Can Protect It From The Elements and Help It To Resist Wear and Tear

As your garage door ages, it will become more susceptible to damage from the elements. A fresh coat of paint can provide a layer of protection against the sun, wind, rain, and snow.

This will help to keep your door looking like new for longer and prevent it from deteriorating prematurely.

4. A Newly Painted Garage Door Can Add To The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Whether you are planning to sell your home or just want to make it look its best, restoring or adding a new coat of paint to your garage door can increase its curb appeal.

This is one of the most important benefits of respraying your garage door.

5. Repainting Your Door Is A Relatively Inexpensive Way To Give Your Home a Fresh New Look.

A new garage door can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand pounds, depending on how expensive your taste is.

If you want to give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank, respraying your garage door is a great option.

It is also much less time-consuming and disruptive than replacing your garage door entirely.

If you’re thinking about respraying your garage door, be sure to contact Foreman Snags to get the job done right. We will be able to match the paint to your home’s existing colour scheme and help you choose a finish that will protect your door for years to come.

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